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Environmental Branding

Environmental Branding

Environmental branding is not just for large corporations. It’s for brands of all sizes

At Fusion Insights, we understand the importance of having an interior space that reflects your company’s unique voice, brand, and mission. Whether you are targeting clients, customers or employees, how your environment makes your target audience feel is directly connected to the strategic placement of your brand elements within your space and the story that it tells.

With environmental branding, we move beyond the limitations of 2-dimensional branding and combine our in-depth knowledge of interior, graphics, and industrial design to create a tangible 3-dimensional brand experience that engages your audience.

Our multi-layered approach to spacial design includes a space assessment where we look at your current site to determine design flow and how to best capture your brand’s message within the space provided. We use the information collected to create a brand story that moves throughout your interior environment. This can include the use of various textures, lighting, graphics and other design elements that help us cultivate a unique and tactile user experience, and because all of our manufacturing is done in-house, we are able to provide a seamless and cost-effective solution over outsourcing.

Our ideal environmental branding clients are those companies who desire to elevate their brand story through the use of interior design elements that add depth and character to their space. Here are a few examples of the spaces we design:

Retail Branding – If you have a retail space, then you are already aware of the importance of the customer experience. Creating the right environment for your visitors, not only enhances user experience but also supports customer navigation throughout the store.

Workspace Branding – The culture of a work environment can either enhance or adversely affect its employees. By using the proper design elements to create a functional and inspiring workspace that reflects the company’s brand, you ensure that the staff environment remains true to the company’s values and vision.

Restaurant Branding – The atmosphere of a restaurant goes a long way toward enhancing the experiences of your clientele. By using the process of environmental branding, we are able to incorporate the unique qualities of your restaurant’s brand voice to build ambience into the current structure through site design and development.

As branding and design experts, we bring 20 years of experience to the table from both the local and international market sectors. Our vast experience in multiple industries has given us a unique advantage over the competition, and we leverage this expertise in every client project to make sure that we are providing you with a superior final product and an amazing customer service experience.

From retail stores and offices to tradeshows and restaurants, we have the knowledge and expertise to create an engaging environment that not only tells your brand story but also elevates your customer and employee experience in the process. Environmental branding is not just for large corporations. It’s for brands of all sizes who understand that a company’s core values and message are not limited to a website, brochure or logo, but that a brand story extends into every space where a brand touches a customer, client or employee.